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We are just beginning the interior detailing of our fabulous modern home north of Toronto. We know some of you have been asking about the progress on the development.  Our office has been very busy conceptualizing and customizing many aspects of the architectural interiors of this home. Francesco Di Sarra and his design team have been detailing many architectural elements from the hinges on the doors to all the millwork throughout.  There are so many aspects of this home we could showcase, however, we now have a publishing commitment to consider so this will be the one of the last "sneak peaks" until the home is fully complete. 

The west stairs are cantilevered from the natural stone wall, this gives the illusion of the stairs floating. This is further enhanced by the glass treads that will be installed. There is also an LED component to the stairs.
This interior wall is a continuation of the stone coursing found on the exterior of the home. 

The strips shown here are trim less linear diffusers (vents), custom made for this home.  The pot lights are trim less and painted to match the ceiling colour. The ceiling valance is lined in a walnut panels and conceals the track lights and motorized blinds.  All of these pieceswork together which makes for a very clean and minimal look.  

Sculptural drop ceilings in the great room make for an interesting architectural detail to a very large room, giving it a sense of proportion.
Our crew very carefully installed this 16x9 ft. glass panel - it took 3 men and crane to lower it in place.  We will soon be posting the time lapsed video of this installation so stay tuned.

The mechanical room is meticulously planned and is very organized. This makes for easy maintenance and access to the home's infrastructure. We have taken great care to co-ordinate all the sub trades to ensure the electrical, plumbing, home automation and mechanical work together in a clean organized space.

Our architectural design team is working closing with our crew on site to ensure the project is running smoothly and on time. The team at Mark Hartley Landscape Architects have begun the installation of all the landscaping and our in-house interior designer is busy working closely with our clients selecting furniture, fabrics and all the final touches to this beautiful home.


  1. This looks awesome! A lot of planning and coordinating of the trades here. Kudos to the project manager - that pluming/electrical work is artistic in itself. I especially like how you guys use the external environment, like stone, in your interior design. It adds a uniquely organic flavour to the home. Your work really is a customized and thoughtful; not to mention one of a kind craftsmanship.


  2. Hi Cappoferro team! The house is looking amazing - so nice to see those initial sketches coming to life. Looking forward to seeing photos of the finished product.



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